Monday, March 25, 2013

Rainbow Poms

My daughter loves rainbows.  And she likes to pretend to be a cheerleader.  Especially now that I made her a set of pom-poms.  Rainbow pom-poms, of course.

They are made out of felt.  I found a multicolored pack of felt at the grocery store (in the clearance section!) a few months ago.  The felt pieces were about the size of typing paper (does anyone else call it typing paper; no one really types anymore, do they?).  I got the whole pack for less than 4 dollars; you can find similar packs of felt at craft stores.

For each pom, I used one piece of felt in each color.  I folded the felt in half, and then cut half-inch stripes, ending about one to two inches before the fold.  No rulers, just eye-balling, and trying to keep my cuts straight.  All while helping her watch My Little Pony, starring Rainbow Dash, of course.

I stacked up the different colors, rolled them up, and tied them with twine.  I made handles from felt as well. I cut a piece of felt in half lengthwise, and used one half for each handle. For each handle, I folded the piece in thirds lengthwise, and then tucked it under the twine. I matched the ends, and then sewed them together.  A quick project, but so cute, and tons of fun.


  1. Seriously so cute! I love this kind of project, especially when someone else shows me how!

  2. Oh gosh. Jill would love pom poms. Someone actually gave her a cheerleading dress up outfit. And for a while, our house was inundated with balloons, because the shiny metal ones apparently never deflate. (We had them for over a month!) She kept pretending the balloons were pom poms.

  3. Thanks for this post! My 3 yo asked the easter bunny for rainbow poms and I can't find them anywhere. I will try to duplicate, though as a super craft-challenged mom, I'm struggling to visualize wrap, twine and handles. Will experiment. These are super cute!