Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Candy Corn Vest

I created a vest for my little boy (who is not so little!  He is just over a year, and the vest is 2T), inspired by the classic fall candy, candy corn.  For the outside, I used some ripstop nylon I picked up as a remnant last year.  It reminded me of a orange jacket I had in college (and wore all the time until I moved to Vienna for the summer and stuck out like a sore thumb).  When I saw it, I knew I needed it for my little one, but also I had to wait until he was bigger to use it.  The day has finally arrived!  And, I have some left over, so I might be able to finagle something from the last piece.

The inside of the vest was an old yellow sweater of his grandpa's, which I cut up to use as a cozy liner.  At one point I considered adding batting as well, but W runs hot, and I think he'll appreciate not having too thick of a vest.  That yellow sweater keeps him cozy, and it's soft, too.

The collar, insides of the pockets, and the arm binding, I made from some fun orange fabric with yellow stars.  I picked it up from my local supermarket; they just started carrying a small amount of fabric, mostly fat quarters.  I bought a couple fat quarters of the star fabric back at the beginning of the summer, and made a sun hat for W from the first fat quarter.

For the pattern, I used a top pattern I've used before, since I knew it would have the collar I wanted (Simplicity 1923).  I didn't add the sleeve, and used bias tape to finish the edges of the armholes.  I also added pockets, which I free-handed.  The pockets also got some rivets, since we've had lots of sand make it back into the house before, and I loved that detail when I saw someone else online do it before.  Little W loves to play in the sandbox.

The vest was inspired by the second week's theme (candy) over on Project Run & Play.  They let their readers play along, and I thought that this year I would try to make something for all the challenges.  I missed the first week, but I'm still planing on making what I had planned.  I will have to share it when I get it done, along with the next two week's challenges.  I have some really fun stuff planned, including an outfit for both kids for the last week!


  1. I love it! What a cute vest. :) William looks so happy to be wearing it.

  2. Very, very cute! We used the same color scheme....but with a different candy of choice :). What a handsome little man, in a fashionable vest!

  3. That is possibly the cutest little jacket I've ever seen! Or maybe it's just because of the combination, the adorable jacket, and the little guy who wears it so well... :)

  4. I seriously love orange on little boys!!! And the vest looks like you bought it (best compliment in my book!)

  5. Wow!!! What an amazing vest! Great job on the color scheme, and it looks so good on him! I love it.