Friday, September 27, 2013

Farmer Girl overalls and shorts

This week on Project Run and Play, the theme was plaid.  They announced the themes for the season a while ago, and I found an awesome pink gingham sheet at the thrift store.  The scale is really big, which is a fun twist on the classic gingham.

The shirt is made from the gingham, with the collar and the sleeve tabs from a coordinating floral print I had in my stash.

My daughter has been asking for overalls, but I haven't found them in her size at the store, so I made her overalls to go with the shirt.  The overalls are made from some fun hot pink corduroy, which I was gifted from someone at my church. There wasn't quite enough pink for all the overall pieces, so the back panel and the front pocket are both from the floral pattern.  But I really like how they turned out.

I used McCalls Stitch 'n Save M6723 pattern for the shirt and overalls.  The pattern is for shorts instead of overalls, but I drafted the bib, upper back, and straps, and changed the waist of the shorts.  I also used a pair of my daughters jeans to extend the leg of the pant.  For the shirt, I cut the pattern at size 4 length, but size 3 width, since the pattern is for boys, and I wanted it to fit more like a girls top (my daughter wears a 6 or 6x in commercial sizes).  And I added the tabs to the sleeve edge.  I thought they were a fun detail.


  1. I am not kidding, she is so big and grown up looking in these pictures I did not think that was your daughter at first. She looks so cute!

  2. SO cute! I love those hot pink overalls! And I agree with Amy, Emily does look so grown up!