Thursday, September 19, 2013

Rainbow dress

A while ago, I mentioned a rainbow dress, which the rainbow clips were made to go with.  The dress, and the clips, were both created last spring.  Then I started working again, and we moved, and the blog got neglected.  But better late than never, right?

When I made the dress we had already put an offer on our house, and had it accepted.  When that happened, I got really excited and started packing.  One of the things I packed was most of my crafting stuff. Then we didn't move for another couple months.  During that limbo time, I decided to make my daughter a new dress.  This was back before Easter, so the dress was probably for that, but also because she keeps on growing, and most of her dresses were getting too short.  I had seen something in the blog world about having your kid help design clothes you make for them, which I thought was a great idea.

So I asked her what she wanted.  What kind of sleeves, what kind of skirt?  Easy enough.  I drew some options, and she picked.  Then, what color?  I truely believed she would pick pink; pink was her favorite color for about a year; totally on her own, she was a pink loving, princess playing, girl.  So, I asked what color, and she responded: rainbow.  Which color, in the rainbow, I inquired.  Maybe green.  Green is a popular color in my family.  No, rainbow colored.  She loved ALL the colors, and she wanted them all on that dress.

Huh.  Rainbow colored.  Who knew.

Then I remembered a package of fabric Jeanie had sent me, some of which I had sent her to use for a project, and some of which she had bought but didn't want to stash away in her little tiny Brooklyn apartment.  I dug them out; there wasn't much of any of them, but they came in a rainbow of colors.  So I decided to sew strips together to make the fabric for the dress.  I did add some fabric from my stash, some little pieces that wouldn't have made a whole something either.

I used Simplicity 2461 for the dress, and the only alteration I did was adding some eyelet to the bottom, since the dress barely reached her knees, and I wanted her to have room to grow.  And a couple buttons on the yolk, left over from her brother's blessing outfit. Both of which got added after the picture at the top. 


  1. That is adorable. I love reading your blog.

  2. GORGEOUS. I love that dress. So . . . hahaha if you feel like giving away more of her clothes to Jill when Emily grows out of them, well, I won't complain. ;) Seriously, it is SO cute.

  3. That dress is so cute!! I want one. ;)

  4. She is such a cute little model, too!