Monday, September 23, 2013

Unicorn and Heart Pajamas

A while ago, I saw a blog post that changed my life.  (Well, the way I shop for fabric, at least).  The post was about a dress a mom had made her daughter, using some knit unicorn fabric she found online, from Girl Charlee.

Before we get much farther, let me insert that in my family, we are big fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  And by "we" I mean all of us, except maybe the little boy, who still loves the toys.  And yes, that includes my husband.

So, this mom made a dress for her daughter, which dress had unicorns all over it, and she got the fabric online.  Not only did she get the fabric online, but it was inexpensive.  So I checked it out.  And then proceeded to drool over everything. And then buy fabric, because it really was inexpensive.  Even with shipping included.

One of the things I ordered first was some of the unicorn fabric, which was a thermal fabric, and some heart fabric, also in thermal, so I could make my daughter, E, some pajamas.  Since she insists on growing bigger, and the winter pajamas she had been using were getting too small.

I used Simplicity 3577 as the pattern, but made some changes.  They had separate pieces for the back and front of the arms, and the back and front of the legs, and I combined them instead so I would have less seams.  Also, I took in the arms and legs, so it would have less room around the wrists and ankles, which I am glad I did, since they are still more roomy that I would have liked.

I made size XS, which is supposed to be a 4-5.  My daughter wears a 6 or 6X from the store, and she has lots of room to grow in these.  The legs are a little long, and the sleeves are very long.  Which is frustrating, since size 4 dresses from Simplicity are getting to be too small, so I thought these pajamas would just fit, and I wanted a slim fit.

But she likes them, at least once I convinced her it was okay they were so big on her.  And it is nice that she will be able to wear them for some time.  I really love being able to dress my kids in things I make for them, and these ones might last a couple years.


  1. Those are SO cute! We love My Little Pony around here, too.

    And I know how you feel about wanting there to be some room to grow. I often find myself contemplating how many sizes too big I can buy their shoes, so I can go longer before having to buy shoes again. "It will give me X more months before buying shoes, but he may trip a lot, because they're so big . . . "

    I think it is so cool that your kids are able to wear such amazing clothing that YOU made for them.

    And yay for a website that has fabulous fabric and fantastic prices!!!

  2. Wow, love the PJ's! :) Clothes sizes can be really frustrating. I wish they would just have sizes in inches or centimeters based on what the actual width and height are. I feel ya!