Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Barbie fashion show

My little girl loves to dress up her dolls.  She also believes that I can make anything.  So, when she brought me a stack of barbies, and told me we needed to make new clothes for them, I agreed.  Actually, I spent most of my childhood, and part of high school, making barbie clothes by hand.  So, when Emily told me her dolls needed new dresses, it seemed like a reasonable request.

We picked out fabric, and planned outfits, and then over the next week or so, as I found time, I made her barbies some new outfits.

And then put together a fashion show of all their different looks, because  . . . well, I like watching Project Runways . . . and it seemed like a great idea for a photo shoot.  Emily helped me, after I took some still pictures.  She thought it was a great idea, too!

So, start some music with a strong beat in your head, and lets get started:

Cinderella starts off the collection with a dress I made before, with strong '60s styling
Next comes Aurora, with a blouse and pencil skirt
Strike a pose, Aurora!
Belle is wearing a peplum top, and a pencil skirt
Snow white has a blouse and some pants
Last is Barbie, in a long dress

Got to pose!
Barbie finishes strong!
The whole collection.  Great job, girls!


  1. Emily is so lucky!! I LOVE it! Maybe Emily will do a rerun with Jill next week. :)

  2. The girls are looking great!! That's so fun!