Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dora smock

Hey everyone!  I got through both my projects; the bride loved her petticoat, which made her want to swish her skirt, like Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride, and I shipped the chair cover to my sister-in-law.  Who is already excited about it, even though she hasn't seen it.  Maybe she will send me some pictures, and then I can share them with you.  It's so nice to have other people excited about what I make!

Last year the local JoAnn's decided to move across town to a better space.  Which was awesome for 3 reasons: 1) the place they were in was small, 2) it was the only reason I went over to that part of town, which was pretty run-down and 3) they clearanced out most of their stock, so they wouldn't have to move it.

Let me tell you.  Me plus clearance fabric equals heaven.

So I let my daughter pick out some fabric.  She wanted Dora.  My husband hates Dora.  So we got half a yard as a compromise, and told her I would make her a play skirt.

After we got home, she informed me she wanted a shirt to go with it.

We only have half a yard, I told her, there isn't enough.  But, aha!, I came up with a plan: what if we got a matching shirt, and put Dora ON it (as an applique).


We were stymied.  She wanted a skirt AND a shirt, or maybe a dress. A whole outfit.  But we only had half a yard.

Until I came up with making her a play smock (from Simplicity 2461). I used some purple fabric to make up the difference, since the smock needed a little more that half a yard.  The yolk, straps, and butterfly pockets are from the solid purple.  I sort of convinced her (maybe), and then went ahead and did it.  And in case you are wondering why I tried so hard to convince a 3 year old (I made it last year), she won't wear things she doesn't like.  And I don't want to make things she won't use.  And since she wasn't super convinced, she's still wary about it.  Stinker.

It makes a great apron.  If we bake together, and I remember about aprons, she will wear it.  The straps are adjustable, and it isn't snug around the chest, so she will be able to wear it a long time, since kids grow up, not out, for a while, at least.  I made size 4, which is the largest size offered, and she now wears size 6x clothes.  And it fits fine.

The ironic thing is that a little while after I finished it, someone from my church gave me a bunch of kids fabric, including some blue Dora fabric.  Just like the purple, only blue.


  1. I love it!

    And what are the odds of getting matching blue fabric right after you don't need it anymore?!

  2. Oh, and the only reason why it has taken me so long to take pictures is because I don't own a staple gun, but I borrowed one, and now it is all together!