Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dresses for Summer

Miss E loves to wear dresses.  Especially play dresses.  So I sewed her a couple for the summer.  I used a pattern for a woven girls dress (Simplicity 9497), but sewed it as a knit.  I went down a couple sizes for the width, to decrease the ease, since knits are stretchy and patterns for girls tend to have lots of extra ease.  I also added a couple inches to the bottom of the bodice, since Miss E protested that the waist was too high when I sewed up the first dress.  I had to cut into some fabric I bought for something else, but it turned out super cute.

 I also changed the width of the skirt since I had limited fabric, instead of using the pattern pieces.  This made the skirt narrower, but again, patterns tend to have too much ease, and they turned out perfect.  Miss E loves them, and the maxi is dressy enough for her to wear to church or special occasions.

1 comment:

  1. Jill would be so jealous. She loves dresses. The purple one looks like a perfect play dress, and what girl wouldn't feel like a princess if they had the second dress that is totally princess length!