Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Baby Knit Pants

It's been chilly this summer.  And Little A had lots of outfits for hot summer days, but not many for chilly weather.  Mostly he wore his pajamas all the time for the first month of his life.  Which works, until you run out of laundry before you can get laundry done.  So, since I have lots of baby patterns I never use anyway, I whipped up some knit baby pants.

I used Simplicity 2291; the pants were extremely loose, and I cut over 2 inches off the top before sewing the waistband.  Maybe the ease will work for the bigger sizes, but for size XS (or 3 months) the pattern seemed off.  I used an old shirt for the pants, using the hem for the pant hem, which made them even quicker to sew up.  Perfect, because Little A has already grown out of them.

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