Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Owl Doorstop & Toy

We don't have air conditioning.  Which means that when the doors and windows are all open, the door to my bedroom sometimes slams shut.  After Little A was born, I decided I needed a doorstop, so I could hear if he was crying, and so he wouldn't get woken up by the slamming door. I checked Pinterest, but couldn't find exactly what I wanted, so I created my own doorstop pattern.  And a mini owl as well, since my daughter also loves owls, and she wanted one too.

I am sharing the pattern for the owl.  Just click the link to download.  You will need about a quarter yard of fabric total, including contrasting fabric for the mask and belly, and the feet and beak.  In addition, you will need two buttons for eyes, and stuffing.  If you wish to make a doorstop, you will also need about a pound of dry beans.

Applique mask and belly to the front of the owl body.  I like to do this with the sewing machine (by zig-zag stitching around the edge) but Miss E helped me handsew the mask on her toy owl.

Sew the beak pieces together, making sure to backstitch the ends.  All seams are a 1/4 inch.  Clip the corner after you sew.

Stuff (I used a cotton ball) and handstitch to the owl face.  Sew on the button eyes as well.

Sew the wings and feet, leaving the flat side open.  Clip the corners and curves, and turn.  I like to use a dowel to turn and press corners out.

Pin the wings and feet in place.  I didn't make feet, because my little girl doesn't like them on her toy owls.  (She has an owl her Aunt Jeanie made that has no feet.)

For the handle, cut out a piece of fabric 3.75 inches by 8.5 inches.  Iron the handle in half lengthwise, and then fold the edges in and iron again.  You should have a long, narrow piece, about 1 inch by 8.5 inches.  Topstitch along both edges. Pin the handle in place.

Sew the bottom to the back piece.

Sew the back to the front, leaving a hole for turning.  I left a hole on the bottom for the toy, but for the doorstop I left a hole at the top, which made filling with beans easier.  (I only added beans to the neck, and then filled the head with fluff.)

After stuffing, handstitch the hole closed.


  1. Super cute! Good idea to make a toy owl, too. Hopefully that ensures that they don't try to play with your doorstop. :)