Thursday, September 4, 2014

Seersucker Romper

Little A was blessed at the beginning of August, and wore his white romper I made before Big W was born, and Miss E had a white dress to wear.  I wanted Big W to also have an outfit for the special occasion, so I sewed him a yellow seersucker romper and little white shirt.  I used McCalls M6304 for both the romper and the shirt.

This outfit was also special, because I made Miss E and Baby T matching dresses from the same yellow seersucker when Miss E was almost the same age as Big W.  I've been holding onto the last yard or so of the fabric, planning to use it for something special, and this was the perfect time.

The romper has lots of extra ease, great for Big W.  The legs are a little short; I hemmed them with a very narrow hem, and they are barely long enough.  I will probably add an inch or two if I make the romper again.  I might also add an inch to the torso, since Big W has a long torso.  I lined the entire romper instead of using the recommended facing, but that was mostly because the seersucker was a little sheer.

For the shirt, I used some stretch poplin I picked up when I made the little white romper Little A and Big W were both blessed in.  The shirt is very fitted, with a sweet curved collar.  The sleeve seems didn't sew flat; they kept on puckering.  The shirt is also a little short, which is fine under a romper, but it can't be used without it.


  1. I remember E's and T's dresses made out of that fabric. W looks so cute in his romper. That band-aid adds an especially cute touch. :)

  2. You're so talented! And Big W is very cute!