Friday, October 10, 2014

Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts have been big for a couple years now, and I've sewed myself a few.  My first attempt was after reading about Kelli over at True Bias making one.  It seemed simple enough, and I decided to try.  I gave my first one a yoga-pants style waistband, hoping that would eliminate the need for elastic (I ended up adding elastic anyway).

For the second I used some fun chevron fabric, (and since I'd bought so much fabric, I also made another maxi for Jeanie, and a shorter skirt for Miss E).  This maxi had less gathering at the top, and it's super comfortable.  I made them right after I got my serger, and they sewed up fast.  Sewing the waistband with the elastic already inside also helped speed things up.  I don't usually sew the elastic in while sewing the waistband, since it requires some extra finagling while sewing.  But it does eliminate several steps.

The last maxi skirt I've made is actually the bottom portion of a maternity dress.  I attempted to alter the top, and it was a complete disaster, so I chopped it off, folded over the top, and added some elastic.  Easy-peasy, and then I had a great new skirt.  It was great to wear while I was transitioning back into my regular sized clothes, since loose skirts are forgiving.

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  1. Super cute! I totally want one. My mother-in-law bought Jill one this summer, and then I was jealous, so I went and bought one for myself. I had previously always thought my bottom was too big for them, but I have since changed my mind and love them. Well, it. I only have one, but I really like it. :)