Thursday, July 9, 2015

Red White and Blue

Last week we celebrated Independence Day.  We went camping.  Before we left, I made Miss E and I some red, white and blue clothes.  A dress for her and a shirt for me.

I used fabric from Girl Charlee.  I really like that Girl Charlee lists the weight of the fabric (i.e. how thick it is), because white fabric can be really transparent when it is thin, and I wanted something with enough coverage.

I modified a dress pattern for Miss E's dress.  The pattern (Simplicity 9497) was for woven fabric, and had a ton of ease, so I sized down a couple sizes for width and eliminated the seam in the back.   I also ignored the skirt pattern, and just used up what was left over from my shirt.

For the shirt, I used a pattern (Butterick's B5215, view B), but I've found that the neckline is really high, and the sleeves long, so I modified those.  I also added some length to the back, and split the side seam about an inch.  Taking care of kids means I need all the length I can get.

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