Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Swim Cover-Up

Last spring I challenged myself to complete challenges from Project Run & Play.  (The new season is starting up soon.)   For those that don't know, Project Run & Play is a blog which holds contests in making kids clothes.  In addition to the actual contestants, they encourage readers to sew along and link up their creations, and one reader is also selected as a winner each week.

I didn't get all the weeks done on time, but I had them planned out, and completed them when I found time.  The first challenge was to create something using the Popover Sundress pattern from Oliver + S.  It's one of their many free patterns.  Miss E was needing a swim cover since she insists on getting bigger.

I used an old towel and a sheet I'd found at a thrift store, which I'd used last year when I made her overalls.  I added sleeves to the pattern, and split the front to add a zipper.  I finished up the cover-up with some pockets.  It definately has growing room.  She'll probably be able to wear it for years.

1 comment:

  1. I love Emily's haircut! I hadn't seen it before. And that swim coverup looks super cute and functional.